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Prebuilt Reports

It is essential for every business to understand the performance of their agents. A proven reporting system is required to have confidence, which can show you the results of the actions taken by your team in a glance. This is exactly what Facetone’s pre-built reports can offer to you. It has a unique dashboard design that empowers you to efficiently view all operations and have performance reports at your fingertips. Businesses can make more informed and smarter decisions with historical and real-time insights on trends and key business metrics.

You can find a wide array of prebuilt reports that can be scheduled at your preferred frequency or run on-demand. You can find detailed information about different aspects of your business such as phone numbers, call activity, disposition codes and agents and ring groups. With these metrics, you can make decisions regarding your team performance, service quality and other elements that impact your business.

Report Options

There are a plethora of report options at your disposal with Facetone’s prebuilt reports and you can choose those that seem relevant to you. Some of these include:

  • Performance Reports
    With these reports, you can supervise your agents without being physically present. It gives you access to performance metrics like average answering speed, total calls, availability, and average call duration. Performances can be compared to identify agents who are doing well and those that need training.
  • Call Activity Reports
    These reports present the most relevant data about inbound calls, which can be used for analyzing important KPIs and make vital decisions.

Scheduled and On-Demand Reports

Reports can be scheduled as per your convenience and you can choose between daily, weekly and monthly options to stay updated and to keep stakeholders informed. On-demand reports can be used when data access is required immediately and for a specific time duration.