Feature Guide

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Facetone offers convenient configurations for the businesses providing them perfect voicemail settings. It includes customer greetings, voicemail transcriptions, metrics and notifications allowing you to interact with the needs of the customers at any time. Even if you are not available at a certain time when a customer calls, they will be redirected to voicemail so their message reaches you and gets recorded. It helps in improving the CRM experience with maintaining automated workflows. Automatic tickets formation works efficiently with the helpdesk without missing out on any concern of the customer. Moreover, voicemail assignment is for the designated agent to address the concern of the customer based on the recorded information through the voicemail messages.

Custom Greetings

Custom Greetings include audio recording in your own voice for the customer and text to speech function. It helps in customizing the voice messages to enhance the customer experience with personalizing it.

Voicemail Settings

This function allows you to set a specific time to enable the voicemail. The caller gets the option to leave the message when there is appropriate help and the team can manage the voicemails easily.

Voicemail Transcription

All the messages get transcribed automatically quickly by adding the caller activity feed and reaching to the desired team member. It is time-saving and addresses callers efficiently.

Voicemail Notifications

The notifications allow the Facetone to generate an email with voicemail data and transcription. It helps the businesses to stay up to date and respond to the customers timely.

Voicemail Metrics

Facetone offers voicemail metrics which include all the voicemails after business hours and all the waiting queue as well. It helps in making the decisions for the company with empowering managers.

Automated Workflows

New tickets get created through voicemail recording, transcription and data when it reaches the helpdesk. It helps in keeping the track of all the voicemails and for better response.

Voicemail Assignment to Agents

Each team member gets their assigned assignment to respond to the customer efficiently. It divides the workload and optimizes the work of team members.

Voicemail Drop

The consistently of voicemails gets improved through this function with leaving a pre-recorded voice message to improve efficiency and bring ease for the prospective customer.