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Inbound Call Blocking

Facetone boasts a blacklisting feature that allows you to establish a list of phone numbers and block any unwanted calls. Also referred to as inbound call blocking, the blacklist feature is useful for boosting the productivity of call center agents and saves your company money, otherwise spent on unwanted calls. This feature is incredibly easy to use as it only takes a couple of seconds for adding phone numbers to your blocked call list.

You can shield your agents from any unwanted calls with Facetone’s inbound call blocking. Your business can save money in this way and also perform quite efficiently when telemarketers, bots, spam calls and more are prevented from reaching your agents.

Boost Agent Productivity

Every agent’s time is extremely valuable. Every single minute that they spend on the phone with a pushy telemarketer or spam caller is the time that can be spent on potential and existing customers to provide them with a better experience.

Save Money on Undesired Calls

Any spam or unwanted calls are going to cost you call center money. Calls that are blocked by Facetone’s inbound call blocking feature are never connected to your call center. This means that your call center is not charged for any minutes that you waste on undesired calls and unwanted callers.

Decrease the Average Waiting Time

Not only do unwanted calls decrease agent productivity, but they also affect the customer service levels of your call center. If an agent’s call queue is filled with unqualified contacts and spam callers, the average waiting time of your call center increases. Due to this, your real customers have to wait for long and may not appreciate it.

When you block unwanted callers with inbound call blocking, you can ensure that your real customers are immediately routed to one of your agents as quickly as possible.