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Agent Reporting

Keeping a check on all that your team is up to is not always feasible, but agent reporting makes it possible with just a few clicks. Indubitably, it is a widely in-demand feature and provides a thorough assessment of the productivity level of your team. With this feature, you can not only monitor your agents’ performance, but you can also keep a close check on various metrics that enhance productivity. 

Manually observing your team’s performance can be a tedious task, but having an elaborate report with necessary metrics like total calls, call duration, amount of time taken to perform tasks, inbound and outbound calls, and minute details holding immense importance, tends to make the job a lot easier, and helps you figure out which agent to reward, and which agent is failing to give their all. 

In a call center, an efficient system of measurability is required to further improve labour productivity. Here’s where this feature steps in to give you an inside look on the statuses of your team agents, where you can monitor the time one spends being idle, or working diligently. Observing these metrics will aid in finding out where the team members are lacking, and what needs to be done to achieve the desired output. 

Moreover, if you are not looking for a combined report, or do not have the time to go through each individual report separately, you also have the liberty to attain metrics of a certain group. This will help save time and will provide you with easy access into what you’re looking for, instead of hoarding you with unwanted information.