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Communication is extremely crucial to a business or any other kind of venture. Most workplaces get dozens of calls internally just to coordinate their efforts in a more informed and efficient way. To ensure this, you’d have to install a lot of hardware and hire separate individuals to manage and run the call center facilities. We understand that you should not be trifled with trivial work and thus Click-to-Call enables you to use telecommunication in the smoothest way possible. With Click-to-Call onboard, you will be able to make a call directly from your helpdesk, e-commerce website or CRM via a click. Simply click on any phone number and Talkdesk services will see the call through. The call center software features the kind of standard functionalities that you’d expect of Talkdesk such as IVR, waiting for queues, voicemails, and advanced routine without ever having to install extra hardware or employee extra personnel. All that too from your favorite software. You normally would need a very complex system to ensure services of this quality, however, to keep up with the age of digital transformation, click-to-call empowers you with the functionalities of a call center with the most minimal overhead.

 Better Communication Makes a Productive Team

Your team will also be able to coordinate better with each other by making outbound calls with simple clicks right from their computers. All that too with the incorporated functionality of an actual call center such as IVR, call recording, call routing and automated workflows running in the backend which you need not to worry. You also save time from having to manually dial and lookup each phone number as well.

Reach More Clients

With the help of our software, your sales team will be able to call more leads which will significantly increase your efficiency and yield. By reaching out to more clients, your teams will be able to close more deals and thus generate more revenue for your company. With no window of errors in the case of misdialing a number, you will always be connected with the right caller for each outbound call that you place.