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Virtual Call Center

Facetone offers virtual call centers a browser-based call center software that helps in providing more productive and personal phone support. It is useful for businesses in a number of ways and some of them are:

Start Using Immediately
Since it is a browser-based software, there is no need for any software coding or hardware installation. It is fully operational in five minutes and allows you to remove or add agents in seconds no matter where they are and payment flexibility is also available.

Have a Distributed Workforce
With Facetone’s browser-based call center software, there are no geographical restrictions applicable to the agents. The only prerequisites are an internet connection and a computer. Hence, agents can work from different offices around the world, from home or even from a public place.

Obtain Complete Caller Details
A better customer experience can be ensured as agents can easily view the previous chats, emails, support requests and calls of a caller in their browser when the phone rings. This saves them from searching any database and enables them to meet the customer’s needs promptly.

Streamline Workflow through Automation
The virtual call center offered by Facetone integrates all business tools, such as LiveChat, Salesforce, Magento, etc. This means that they are automatically updated with recordings, tickets, voicemails, cases and call logs every time a customer speaks with an agent.

Make Better Decisions
Historical and real-time data can also be used through the agent as well as manager dashboards. You can listen to call recordings, monitor live calls and also peruse call transcripts. Data-driven decisions can be made by a business with Facetone and this enables it to optimize their performance and provide the best services to clients.

Thanks to Facetone’s virtual call center, a business can deliver the required assistance to its customers without increasing costs.