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Skills-Based Routing

Increase customer satisfaction and first call resolution when you match callers to the agents most qualified to meet their needs.

With skills-based routing, you can now ensure that every call is answered by the agent most appropriate to do so. By creating rules for call assignment you can enable our skills-based routing to take care of the rest and increase customer satisfaction and first call resolution for you.

Flexible Call Assignment

Using our contact center you will be able to assign calls to specific agents, departments or even teams automatically. Based on rules that you define, our skills-based routing algorithm will ensure that every call is routed to the agent most qualified to answer it.

Ring All Agents

A great feature for smaller teams to ensure every call gets answered as quickly as possible. If designated, the ring all agents feature can ring all your agents simultaneously so that all the agents are rung for every call. Once the call has been answered, the other agents are notified as well.

Assign Skills to Agents

With just a few clicks you can create teams based on groups of agents that have specialized knowledge or skills. This enables the callers to be consistently routed to the agents best equipped to address their needs and can make a huge difference in first call resolution.

Selection of Agents

Our skills-based routing algorithm determines which agent to ring based on the following rules:

  • Idle state
    An agent that has been idle for longer will be assigned a call before an agent that has just become available
  • Flexibility
    An agent with more skills will be counted as more flexible. Less flexible agents will be assigned calls before more flexible agents when both are free, leaving the more flexible agent free to take other calls
  • Specialization
    An agent with special skills matching the caller’s needs will be selected before agents with skills that do not match
  • Availability
    Available agents are selected before the offline agents