Feature Guide

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Unlimited Concurrent Calls

You can have as many conversations as you want, all at the same time with unlimited concurrent calls. Facetone allows you to reduce the number of blocked calls and enables you to handle as many inbound and outbound calls as you prefer. When the influx of blocked or concurrent calls is limited, you will be able to utilize your resources to the maximum. With unlimited concurrent calls, you can maximize your customer support’s efficiency and not have to worry about any negative impact on call quality.

Handle a Greater Call Volume

Use Facetone for slowing down blocked calls and accept inbound and outbound calls simultaneously without impacting performance. This empowers a business to grow and scale easily without jeopardizing clients. You can reap service benefits and respond to maximum customers without paying a hefty price for ensuring efficiency and consistency in your team.

Promote Quality and Growth

You can make an infinite number of concurrent calls with Facetone without any adverse impact on your call standard. Even though multiple telephones will be used simultaneously, all calls will be handled smoothly and there will not be any stress associated with an increased number of calls during peak times.

Use a Single Number for All Calls

Rather than having to use several numbers for addressing your call inflow needs, Facetone enables you to use a single line to route all your calls aptly. One phone number will be enough to send callers to the necessary departments and there will be no need to worry about blocked calls or reduced call quality when the number of calls increases.
With unlimited concurrent calls, a business will be able to offer a more enhanced experience to customers as it will come in handy during busy hours because no customer will be ignored.