Feature Guide

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Comprehensive Reporting

Data means everything today and if your data does not help you make decisions and help you visualize your options then you have no need for it. Analytics help businesses grow by learning from the data you generate and acquire. Analytics can only be studied if you have an in-depth and organized representation of your data which is easy to understand as well as observe. By incorporating an in-depth reporting solution to your business or system, you’re able to understand the dynamics of the market and your team better. You can gauge and compare performances across your systems to utilize them more efficiently.

Expansive Analytics

You can view a wide variety of metrics depending on your need and choice such as teams, tickets, and their status as well as agent and channel performances. You can also customize this data and share it among your team and also your peers if need be. The fact that this data is easily shareable further enriches your presentations and evaluation meetings. Further features of in-depth reporting are:

    • Added Control to Filtering whereby you can filter the data by parameters like date, channel, agent or tag
    • Sharing Controls whereby you can select the authorization of the dashboards by making them either public, private or shared
    • Customizable Dashboard whereby you can rearrange your dashboard and organize it to your liking whenever you may like
    • High-Quality Graphs making all the generated graphs interactive and comprehensive so you’re able to make the most out of them and also interact with them in real time

KPI and SLA Comparison

You can group your data and agents into sets of KPIs and SLAs and then measure and report each respective set. You can even compare the data received on the evolution of their respective performances.

Flexible Widgets

You can craft dashboards according to your own style and liking. With an extensive variety of reporting widgets available, you have a ton of options to customize your dashboard with our ever-increasing library of widgets.