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Co-Browse and Video

Whether you’re a tech-startup or any other kind of enterprise, you will be known for your product as well as your customer support. Today it has become imperative that you offer the best possible support to your clients and address their queries. Sometimes the matter may go beyond the domain of a simple FAQ and you might need to intervene yourself. For times like these, you need a solution that effectively gets your message across in a more concrete and impactful way. Using collaborative browsing, you can interact with your customers by using their web browser to show them the solution to their problem rather than telling them. This approach is more practical as you quite literally put yourself in the shoes of the customer and use that perspective to offer the best possible support. Other times, you can also engage in a video call to be able to hear out the customer better.

Greatly Improve Customer Interaction Experience

By using co-browsing and video, your customers will be spared the long delays of waiting on email replies or calls that won’t connect. This convenience where you both jump to the solution of the problem will be highly valued by your customers and they will appreciate your service.

Effective Troubleshooting

Problems your customers may run into like difficulty in placing an order or an unresponsive catalog on their end can be addressed much quickly by using these software techniques. This keeps your customers engaged and more satisfied with your overall service as well.

Customer Service Efficiency Returns Customer Loyalty

By giving your customers the option to converse with a human being on the other end, one they can both hear and see will help the trust your service and your solutions. Video communication is far more effective than text-based chat and co-browsing is the more time-efficient, letting you deal with problems faster and serve more customers.