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Key Features

Facetone helps organizations bring their teams and customer engagement to a single hub by enabling the organization to streamline the customer interaction via multiple channels and internal collaboration tools.

Omni-Channel Contact Center Platform

Omni-channel platform provides the capability of communicating via multiple channels such as voice, voicemail, Email, SMS, social media, Skype, and web chat.

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Interactive Voice Response

With FaceTone, the business can set up a robust self service IVR to serve their incoming customer calls. Supervisor Console is designed to manage the IVR easily by uploading any type of music or recording or advertisement at any time and also can be based on different hotline numbers.

Call Routing

Advanced call routing techniques used in FaceTone swiftly matches the caller in the queue to the relevant call center agent in order to assist them, by providing the personal information and the previous interactions of the customers from the in-built CRM feature, agents can involve with customers swiftly and provide a superior service.

Call Recordings

All voice calls can be recorded and the supervisor is provided the opportunity to listen to them in the “File Gallery” of the Supervisor Console.


Contact Center CRM

FaceTone contains a comprehensive Contact Center CRM to maintain customer profiles which displays all information related to a customer such as Personal Details, Contact Details, Customer Categorization, Previous Engagements, Ticket History etc.

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Help Desk Management Module

The comprehensive Help Desk Module built in to the FaceTone CRM provides the capability of creating tickets and assign to relevant parties, ensuring the service levels are maintained as per to the standards and to build a strong relationship with the customers.

Real-time Dashboards and Analytics

Real-time Dashboard provided in the Agent & Supervisor Console gives an insight to the vital information on overall performance of the Agents as well as the call center


FaceTone contains a powerful inbuilt reporting tool which provides all standard reports a contact center operation requires. The reports can separately be generated for each hotline number, time range, agent, location, etc.

Quality Assurance

Supervisors can listen to all recorded calls as well as tap in to any live call and listen as well to monitor their agent’s service quality. Also, supervisors can provide scores for the agents in the system as they listen to calls. Facetone also facilitates with all required live dashboards to monitor the performance of the contact center and historical reports for further analysis.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Enable your organization to serve your customers with an automated IVR and self serve their inquiries; leaving your teams to focus only on the most critical issues/inquiries of a customer. Facetone’s IVR can integrate with any of the 3rd party systems and provide automated services such as balance inquiry on mobile phone connections, store locations etc.


Advance Request Router (ARR)

Factone’s ARR is an intelligent module which sits in the core of the application and helps to manage all internal and external communications across the organization efficiently. ARR would make sure the resources are utilised efficiently and accurately. ARR would manage and route all the requests coming in from customers through different communication channels.

Customer Profiling & Timeline

Factone facilitates a comprehensive customer profile where all the interactions and contact information of customers can be viewed in a single screen. Users will be given access to view the past tickets, their statuses or any past communication that the customer has had with the organization.
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Customer identification

As long as the customer’s contact channels are stored in the system the customer’s profile will be prompted on the screen at the time of the engagement. Also the users can easily navigate to the past interactions of the customer and provide instant responses.

360 view of customer information

Users will have access to the past interactions, tickets of the particular customer and also through 3rd party system widget any details of the customer related to services that need to be pulled from 3rd part core business applications will be displayed at the time the engagement is initiated. Ex: Credit card due amount, due date or last transaction in your account.

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Contact Management

Users can create the profiles of any first time contact and existing customer profiles. Contact info such as address and multiple contact channel details can be maintained. Contacts can also be tagged based on their business value such as “Priority Customer” etc.. and these preferences can be considered while configuring the call routing and setting inquiry response service levels.

Action buttons

The customer profile also would feature a tab where the businesses can create action buttons using Facetone’s API to trigger any activities to the 3rd party core applications. Ex: Activate/Deactivate credit cards, Reset password etc..


Dynamic forms

Facetone would provide organizations with immense freedom to create/design their own forms as different tabs in the customer profile to gather any additional information as per their business requirement.

Help Desk Management Solution

FaceTone Help Desk Management Solution empowers any businesses to drive productivity and operate smarter, which can engage teams in the entire organization. It provides the opportunity for the users to provide exceptional service in more personal and proactive ways.

Ticket Creation

FaceTone Help Desk Management Solution allows users to raise their own tickets and track the status of the tickets. The end users can be kept updated on the ticket progress and approvals through automated notifications.

Email to a Ticket

All the emails received to the system can be converted into tickets and parse specific emails based on the subject line by intelligently identifying the key words. Multiple fields such as priority, category, tags etc. the organization can define the commands for each parameter.

Facebook Post to Ticket

With Factone, all the Facebook comments and posts relevant to the business page can be converted to a ticket and assigned to a particular user with a SLA. As the user replies to the tickets the system will post the relevant response on the Facebook post/comment.

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Service Level Escalation

Service Level Agreements (SLAs) defined in the workflows can escalate the tickets which are not resolved within the pre-configured time to the next higher level. SLAs can be defined by the business based on the inquiry/complaint type. The system will directly notify the managers if there’s any SLA violations while sending a notification to the user as well.

Automatic Ticket Dispatching

FaceTone can be configured to dispatch the service tickets to the relevant parties automatically. The user is given the opportunity to change the “Assignee” if required. All the changes done to the created ticket will be tracked and shown in the “Activity” panel in the ticket. The user can add any attachments as well after creating the ticket.

Ticket Filtering

The management can get information on all the pending or completed tickets based on various parameters and export in formats such as CSV and XLS.

Campaign Manager

Facetone Campaign Manager is focused to break down the calling into segments to better create or capitalize on opportunities to generate more sales, while providing a better service. As the call center grows, campaigns will become increasingly meaningful as a way to stay organized and effectively maximize results. By proactively reaching out to customers, organizations can increase revenue streams and enhance the overall service experience.

Tag based Campaigns

Organizations can execute multiple campaigns via voice based on the target audience. The target audience can be identified through the tags attached to the customer profile such as VVIP, VIP, Corporate etc. Campaigns can also be scheduled based on any parameter.

Assign the best agents

Based on the customer group you can create a user group that matches the skill to have better quality of service.

Design and Schedule

Campaigns can be pre-scheduled based on the calendar period and various attributes such as prefered time of calling for each customer/primary and secondary numbers/ number of tries can be configured to ensure the highest success rate.

Random Dialing

The admin can upload any amount of numbers to the system through the Supervisor Console and set up a time to execute the campaign. The campaign will be automatically triggered when the time reaches. The business can also execute the campaign based on the tags attached to the profile.

Preview Dialing

The admin can upload any amount of numbers to the system through the Supervisor Console and assign number sets among the agents. Agent will receive a notification on the calls he/she should make as a list (Eg: Recovery calls). Agent can see whose number will be dialed next, providing the opportunity to prepare for the call with all the required details and accept the notification. After accepting, the call will be dialed out to the customer.

Abandoned Call Auto Calling

One of the biggest challenges in contact centers is to manage the abandoned call rate to ensure customer satisfaction. No matter how well the workforce is optimized, calls do get abandoned due to various unforeseen circumstances. However, we got you covered with Facetone where you can configure the system to call back to call the customers whose calls got abandoned and assign them to the agents.

SMS and Email Campaign

You can select the target customer based and send out the SMS/Email in bulk. If you require a better result you can integrate Facetone with Email campaign service providers such as MailChimp or Sendgrid.

Customer Satisfaction Survey

Let your customers tell you how they feel about your service and analyse your NPS through proper insights and prevent the customer from talking about any shortcoming in your services in public rather than reporting to you and take immediate action. Facetone would empower you with multiple options to encourage your customers to provide their feedback.

Automated IVR

With the consent of the customer the agent can transfer the call to a specialized IVR at the end of the call where the customer can provide their feedback.

Response via SMS

A system generated SMS can be sent immediately after the call ends where the customer can reply with ratings based on a defined scale.

Form URL via SMS

To increase the accuracy and also to provide the customer to take their own time to respond back a survey form URL can sent via SMS. This will provide the liberty to collect more data to improve the accuracy and understand the sentiments.

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In-App Form

A survey from can be made available in the Agent console for the agent to directly input the feedback of the customer’s feedback while on the call and rate their sentiment.

Data and Insights

Facetone provides comprehensive reports to analyse the sentiment of the customer and to rate the NPS. Also, the data can exported to any external database base for further analysis or pushed to a 3rd party application the APIs..

Open API for 3rd Party App Integration

To provide a complete end to end service offering and collaboration Facetone, facilitates to integrate your internal systems through Open APIs. A contact center with well integrated systems will be able to provide an efficient service to their customers as well as improve the agent productivity.

Automated Self Services

Integrate your 3rd party applications to provide self service facility to your customers through IVR or SMS. This will ensure that customers saves a lot of time rather waiting in queue as well as improve the productivity of the contact center.

On-demand Screen Pop Up

Provide your agents with all the necessary data related to the customer at the time of connecting the call to improve the first call resolution (FCR) Based on the customer’s selection at the IVR the system will pull the relevant data from the 3rd party app and display in in agent’s screen at the time of connecting the call.

In-App data view and Call-to-Action

To increase the agent’s productivity and experience Facetone believes in single screen concept where the agent do not have to switch to multiple app screens to perform their task. To provide any extended service all the 3rd party apps can be listed in an additional tab where the agent can simply select required app to view data or perform any action.

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