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Contact Tags

No two customers are the same. Every client is an individual and a business can treat them as such with the use of contact tags. Contact tags are an intuitive and easy way of sorting your contacts into groups based on their preferences, interest and special attributes that make them unique. With contact tags, you can filter your customer database through a considerably smaller lens, distinguish special interest groups, establish close relationships with them and tailor your services in accordance with their needs.

Create Automatic Tags 

Contacts are automatically tagged by Facetone when you import them from an integrated business tool. The tag includes the name of the tool thereby making it easier to ascertain contacts recorded in both systems.

Distinguish Contacts with Tags 

Customer identification is made easy with contact tags. Different categories such as title, email, age, gender, location, industry or any other relevant category can be used for assigning tags. This can be immensely helpful for agents because it provides them with a clearer picture of every customer. Agents are able to assist in light of this knowledge as they have access to the customer’s history with the business, any complaints or problems they have had and their status. Agents can interact with them in a more personal way, which enhances the overall customer experience and helps in forming stronger bonds, building trust and promoting customer loyalty.

Locate Contacts with Tags 

Some campaigns are directed at specific customers and Facetone’s interface enables a business to locate contacts based on their tags. This can save valuable time, resources and effort, otherwise spent in searching, and allows a business to convey its message to its desired target audience. This feature is also helpful in locating customers if you have forgotten their name and can only recall their tags.