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Desktop Notifications

In-app notifications are often difficult to manage with most call center software as you are only able to get notifications while inside that application. This affects your productivity as you might miss notifications and calls when you have switched tabs or when your browser is minimized. With this software, you’re able to view pop-ups regardless of your browser being active or minimized. At every instance of a call coming into your call center, you will receive a pop-up notification alert you about it. You don’t need to have the software running in an active window at all times for this either. This lets you multitask with ease and use other applications to perform other tasks as well.

Detailed Notifications

Each call notification will be alerting you by using both audio and visual signals. This means you won’t be able to miss any calls even when you’re working on other activities outside of your browser or call center application.

Improve Productivity

As you don’t need to be on standby and have the tab actively running, you can engage in other tasks with more confidence and peace of mind. Now that you won’t be missing any class and will be alerted of each one, you can access other business software to check up on your database or communicate with your customer on the customer support application. This software works for different browser tabs as well as different applications so you can send emails and use other business tools easily and get notification alerts whenever a call comes your way.

Access Calls from Notifications

Soon as you receive a desktop notification, you will be able to access them directly from there. Via a simple click, your call center software will open and you will be able to perform respective operations such as viewing caller details, accept or reject the call without having the software open already.