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Ring Groups

Call routing and distribution can be optimized with Facetone’s Ring groups feature as it can be used for applying unique tags to specific phone numbers and agents. This ensures that your customers are routed to the most suitable agents. Callers can also be routed to multiple agents simultaneously so customers can be assisted immediately when required. With this feature, a business can go beyond simple and single assignments and can be creative with collaborative and complex call routing strategies for better serving their customers and utilizing their resources.

Establish Skill-based Groups

With Ring groups feature, the workforce can be segmented based on parameters such as geographic location, product proficiency, specialized knowledge, and skills. For instance, a specific ring group can be made that comprises of agents who can speak German and calls originating from Germany are routed to them. Facetone allows you to create as many ring groups as you want and add as many agents as you want, which enhances efficiency and ensures that your customer needs are fulfilled in the first call.

Route Calls to Best Agents

Any phone numbers in your Facetone’s account can be assigned ring groups to allow your customers to call local numbers at local rates and speak to the most qualified agents. This helps them in achieving first call resolution, resulting in customer satisfaction.

Easily Track Metrics

Facetone gives you the freedom of tracking metrics of every ring group through your reporting dashboard. The data can be aggregated and analyzed at a team level as it can provide better context for performance reviews of every agent. These metrics can help in making better decisions for your business. You can get an at-a-glance overview of the calls received and which team handled them.

Hence, with Ring groups, a business can improve their team’s effectiveness and efficiency.