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Chatbot Builder

Chatbot Builder is a feature built to prioritize customer’s demands based on the value of the interaction. Hence, Chatbot Builder serves as the fine line between comprehensive issues which require major attention and repetitive issues which rank low on the importance scale. With prioritization, repetitive issues and areas of concerns can be allotted to bots. Therefore, automating the process of complaint registration, compliance, and rectification. Similarly, callers having concerns of moderate importance can be redirected to available agents. Making it an ideal system, where all the demands of the customers are fully addressed by the company. With the benefit of automation, the costs of live agents can be reduced significantly. By redirecting customers with minor problems, which are equally repetitive, to bots, your company can cut down on costs. Similarly, routine operations are hardwired into the system, making their deployment even more effective. Hence, with chatbot builder, concerns of callers will not only be addressed, but they will be addressed in an effective manner leaving no room for human error.

In addition to this, the higher value customers are fully addressed and catered to, providing the basis of repetitive business and customer satisfaction. Hence self-serving can be expanded to new channels which are more profitable compared to their routine and redundant counterparts. Moreover, chatbots with the effective integration of APIs can be used to gather and store information about the concerned customers. Hence maintaining their records on a real-time basis and later providing valuable input for overall evaluation of the customer bot interaction. Chatbot Builder also acts as an irreplaceable tool to streamline the process of the caller to company interaction, all while making it cost-effective and efficient.