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Data Import and Sync

With data being generated constantly and across several different streams and platforms, it becomes quite hard to maintain a singular record based on all these different influxes. To have a single repository that is easy to update based on the new data, no matter where you acquire it from, seamlessly and effectively will enhance your database and help you stay more informed. With the help of this software, you are able to import contact data from your default CRM, helpdesk, e-commerce platform, third-party office applications and spreadsheets. This new information will integrate with your previous information, enriching and updating your database as well as creating new contacts if no previous record is found.

Integration Compatibility

You can integrate this software with your pre-existing systems and business tools and the software’s interface will update the data automatically without needing any extra effort or manual entry from your side.

Import Compatibility

The software is able to read and make use of any data that is already present on your systems as well as read any external CSV files. Data present in spreadsheets or tabular forms in CSV format is highly compatible and effortless to import into your database. The software will update your records keeping your database up to date so you can make a lot more successfully placed calls and your agents are more informed about your customers.

Seamless Synchronization

The software automatically schedules and imports data from your integrated business tools without any manual intervention. The software is continuously synchronizing itself with your databases so that your contact information repository is always up-to-date letting your agents be more efficient at talking to customers. Any new contacts you make will be synchronized through your systems which will you a number of resources like time and having to hire data entry operators.