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Call Monitoring

Call Monitoring is a feature which enables supervisors to always stay updated with the contents of the call. Proving not only the basis of supervision but enabling to evaluate freshly trained agents, account for customer experience and provide the basis of sound decisions. This feature enables the company to be keenly aware of the feedback of the consumers at all time. Identifying areas of concern and rectifying areas in need of improvement. Monitoring live conversations also help supervisors in assessing the quality of the conversation. Not in terms of technology alone but how well the agent interacted with the caller and whether the concerns of the clients were addressed or not. The customer is a vital source of feedback, which is essential for seamless operations and reoccurring business. Hence, call monitoring provides the basis of getting first-hand insight into the viewpoint of the customer. In addition to emphasizing on quality assurance, call monitoring can also serve to be the basis of quality maintenance. With the combination of features such as call barging, call monitoring enables agent to intervene in the ongoing conversation when in need.

Hence addressing the customer’s concern which the agent was incapable of doing. As an outcome, the caller’s concerns are fully addressed and no business is lost. With the added benefit of the concerning agent being rectified to further their growth in the field. Hence, suffice to say, call monitoring has deep routes in the domain of agent training and development. With a supervisor watching over the ongoing call, intervention is availed on moments of concerns and customer satisfaction can be maintained.