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Business Hours

Business hours is a feature which offers customization affiliated with when and how the call shall be addressed. This feature enables setting fixed businesses hours amongst a team or offering variations based on requirements and for each individual phone number. With Business Hours selecting a specific time frame to tend to your business needs becomes not only easy but also effective. With the offering being fixated on customization, businesses can now prioritize and alter their working hours to address specific areas of concerns. Moreover, it adds flexibility into the business occasions, enabling entities to work on and off the clock based on the demand of the market. Moreover, with the customization of hours being offered to the unit of seconds, multiple teams can be allotted the same hours or altering hours based on the requirements and business needs. In addition to this, customizing the standard set of hours based on occasions such as holidays and national events enable furthering entrenching the process without compromising the performance of the business itself. A unique handle dedicated to holiday hours permits alteration of the operating hours without the need to reconfigure the system based on the special occasion.

Calling routes become effective with the integration of this feature. As customers are adamant about having agents at their beck and call, business hours can offer seamless routing to the person of concern. Whether the concerned person lies within the local vicinity, virtual call center or even at remote locations, redirecting is a task made effective with business hours. In addition to this, greeting customers based on the time frame of the call, whether within or outside businesses working hours is possible with the configuration of this feature. Hence customers shall be greeted based on the time frame, regardless of the business hours established.