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Intelligent Reconnect

It is a common occurrence that during your call with a call center, sometimes the call drops or is cut off. The most annoying aspect for the customer is dialing again, only to find that they are now connected to a new agent altogether, which means explaining the problem from scratch, or they end up at the bottom of the queue, which translates to long wait time. This is where the Facetone’s Intelligent Reconnect feature can help and enable your customers to have a positive experience when they reach out to you.

With this feature, customers who are disconnected accidentally are routed directly to the agent who fielded their first call. If the said agent is not available, the customer is put at the front of the queue to reduce wait times. This is an innovative solution for improving the caller experience.

Conduct Conversations Smoothly

When disconnected callers call back, they have to speak to a new agent. This requires them to repeat their initial issue, which wastes time and can also be frustrating. With Intelligent Reconnect, callers have the option of speaking to the same agent again and can resume their conversation.

Reduce Wait Time

Another advantage of Intelligent Reconnect is that in case the first agent is unavailable, it will place the customer at the front of the queue rather than the bottom. This reduces the wait time for the customer thereby reducing their annoyance at the dropped call.

Gives Choice to Callers

The Intelligent Reconnect feature provides callers with a choice when they call back; they can choose to connect to the initial agent or they can opt to be routed to the main IVR menu where the call is considered a newly received call. This gives callers the option of reaching a different agent or entering a new call queue.