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Email Notifications

Email is a great way to communicate with your peers and clients while also staying notified about important announcements. With this service, you can now get personalized email alerts that go off when certain events happen. You are given a wide range of customization options to define triggers such as receiving an email with caller data and the voice mall after a call is missed. Information like this keeps you on top of things and informed about what goes on when you’re away or outside office hours. Setting up email notifications is incredibly easy and you’ll be able to configure them on the fly without having to use any coding whatsoever.

Easy to Configure

With the help of our software, you can use our interactive interface to configure email notifications. The high degree of personalization lets you curate your email notification as well as the information you would like to receive as a supplement to the alert.

Customizable Triggers

You are given the flexibility and liberty to customize event triggers as you see fit. Any event can trigger an event so based on your needs you could receive notifications for calls being missed or a certain contact calling etcetera. The notifications cascade without flooding your inbox and you are empowered by staying informed.

Configure Email Aspects

The ease of use that this service provides lets you configure the recipients of these email notifications as well. You can use this to your advantage to improve caller relationship by sending them an email whenever a call is missed. You can similarly employ this tactic with agents as well notifying them about any calls that they have missed as well as pending voice mail on their support line. Apart from that, you’re able to customize the body of your emails as well by choosing what information is displayed in the email as well as a custom message that you wish to send. You can also configure the email to hold call data, voice mail recording and the voice mail transcription for ultimate ease of access