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Custom Agent Statuses

In e-commerce, your key factor is your communication with your customers. If you have a smooth communication route, you can make your customers happy. In call centers, a call gets routed to an agent when they are not engaged. Checking their statuses to ensure they are free to talk, can help you do that. This feature is provided by Facetone to help every call center company to carry out its functions in a flow.

Custom Statuses :

You can set up different status names, according to your company’s requirements and engagements. It helps you get an accurate knowledge of what your agent is doing at the moment.

Dependency :

Custom agent statuses will gain dominance, and the routing will depend solely on it. A call will get routed to an agent only if his status will show availability. It helps to gain systematic management and allows the workflow to run smoothly. It helps you get an accurate knowledge of what your agent is doing at the moment.

Viewing the Status Report :

The manager will be able to see the status report of an agent directly. Facetone allows smooth streaming of your work and call routing through viewing status report.

Status Report History :

One more amazing feature of this key is to be able to check the status history of any agent. It will help the manager to check the previous whereabouts of an agent. If it is “Away” now, you can make sure it was not the same a while ago. Your work efficiency will increase by this feature.

Facetone has been showing you ways to provide a quality of work to your customers by its easy features. A similar action is taken in this feature. Custom call agent statuses will help all the call centers to monitor and route the calls without interruptions. The customers will also get a smooth service.