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Enable your team to remain connected even when they are working remotely by forwarding calls to mobile phones, landlines or even SIP phones.

The forward to phone lets you forward phone calls from anywhere in the world to a cellphone, landline or computer. The software takes seconds to configure and can be changed as many times as you need to. Now let your busy teams work with a call center software that is as flexible as they are.

Enable a Mobile Workforce

Enable and maintain a mobile workforce by allowing them to remain connected even when on the field by forwarding calls to their mobile phones.

Increase Your International Presence

Purchase local or toll-free phone numbers from around the world. Expand your customer base by allowing your international customers to call a familiar number and at local rates. Forward these calls to wherever are most convenient for your team and increase the agility of your team as well as customer satisfaction.  

Forward Numbers to Predefined Agents

Set up rules so that incoming calls from specified regions, companies or even customers get routed over to the agent most well equipped to deal with them. This lets you increase customer satisfaction and first call resolution.

Monitor Performance Regardless of Location

Monitor calls that have been forwarded to a mobile phone, landline or computer. This lets your team be mobile, flexible and productive while maintaining quality assurance as well.