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Contact Lists

Contacts are the lifeblood of every business, but as your business grows, so do your contacts. Keeping track of hundreds of contacts across various platforms is a major challenge. No business can afford to lose a contact as it translates to missed opportunities. Facetone assists you in building a single source of information by exporting contacts from other platforms in a single click, thereby allowing your team to provide comprehensive services to your clientele.

One-Click Integration 

Facetone is a one-click integration allowing business to import contacts from their helpdesk, CRM, email, social media, mobile or any other CSV file easily. Complete and accurate information of all contacts is compiled and can be pulled at any moment, ensuring that your team has access to the latest and updated information for delivering a seamless experience to customers.

Categorize your Contacts 

With Facetone, you can now update your contact information in different categories. Create custom fields for your contacts, such as location, industry, buyer persona, designation etc., to pull a categorized list of contacts when required. Access to this customer information can enable your team to offer more personalized service and conduct streamlined campaigns.

Improved Data Management 

All contact data is stored in a single location with a Facetone and can be accessed by all team members. The risk of human error is eliminated because contact data is imported from other platforms and added to the database automatically. As a central database is used, all team members have a clear view of each customer including sales, marketing, and customer support. Tags can be assigned to contacts based on this information, making it easier for your team to sort them and identify the callers. Knowing a customer’s history and background empowers your team to target the right content leading to increased customer satisfaction.