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Call Barging

Call Barging is a feature which promotes participation during an ongoing call between the agent and the customer. This feature permits the concerned individual to “Barge in” on the ongoing conversation and address the areas of concern if any at all. Intervention between an ongoing conversation can help in improving quality assurance and improving customer satisfaction. With the added option of monitoring the calls between the customer and the agent, formally known as silent call monitoring. For ongoing training sessions or new agents struggling with the concept, this feature becomes a lifesaver for a number of reasons. With the intervention of either management or another agent, the customer’s concerns get better addressed and the involved agent’s concerns are also rectified. With the demands of the customers being fairly well addressed, customer satisfaction increases along with the establishment of trust in the interacting company. Moreover, this feature is paramount in the training of call center agents. With the option of silent call monitoring being extended to them to learn from other agents or being applied to them so as to monitor their interactions.

This adds to the effectiveness of the training sessions and allows room for human errors not at the cost of customers. Call barging features also Reduce Escalated Calls. Meaning it considers the concerns of the customers and addresses the problematic aspect of transferring a caller from one agent to the other. Which can possibly lead to the caller being agitated or irked by the service. Hence call barging enables agents to intervene in ongoing conversations and help their fellow agents and the customers alike. Moreover, silent monitoring of VIP client calls is also an added feature of call barging. Permitting the supervising agents to carefully monitor the live call of the VIP client and agent and intervene when necessary. This promotes goodwill between the interacting firm and the caller and leads to higher customer satisfaction and minimizes inconsistencies.