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No Answer Call Forwarding

Also known as conditional call forwarding, no answer call forwarding allows businesses to have incoming calls forwarded to another phone line. It doesn’t matter where the call is coming from, such as land-line, mobile phone or elsewhere, and it can be forwarded to any number you choose. Traditional call forwarding routes every call to the designated number. In contrast, no answer call forwarding only forwards incoming calls when the agents are busy, unreachable or don’t answer. This feature empowers a business to ensure all its customers are taken care of, regardless of what time it is.

During business hours, all calls are routed to your regular numbers where agents can answer it, but when your agents are away or otherwise occupied, the calls are forwarded to an overflow number. Through this feature, a business can remain available to its customers round the clock and take advantage of all opportunities that would have been lost had the phone not been answered.

No Missed Calls

With Facetone’s No answer call forwarding feature, you don’t have to worry about any calls being missed and prospects getting away as a result. Even during business hours, you can hire an outsourced call center or remote staff for attending overflow calls to stay connected with your customers.

A Backup Option

When a business opts for a No answer call forwarding feature, they have a backup option in place in case their agents are flooded with calls or unavailable. This way calls are not transferred to voicemail, which can annoy customers. Even if agents are on a lunch break, calls can be routed to a different department or an outsourced call center. In this way, the business will stay available to customers even if specific agents are unavailable for attending calls.

With no answer call forwarding, you can ensure that all customer needs are fulfilled, whether agents are available or not.