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Agent-to-Agent Calling

Apart from an array of impressive features, we also offer the benefits of agent-to-agent calling. With this feature, you won’t have to look for other services to interact with users on the same company account and can do so with just a click through our portals. 

To access this feature, you just need to select the desired contact and select the Call option, and you’re good to go. If this isn’t good enough, you will also be able to keep a check on their status and know which agents are currently available for interaction. Hence, by gaining access to this feature, you can bid farewell to any and all sorts of errors during calls, as seamless communication is just a click away. 

Moreover, this feature is also a godsend for those who aren’t a fan of texts and emails. Agent-to-agent calling lets you engage with colleagues the old-fashioned way, that is through the phone and will let you communicate without any barriers and misunderstanding that often arise during a textual conversation. 

Another beneficial trait of this feature is that the agents you need to interact with do not need to be in the same vicinity. In fact, you can easily dial up an agent away from the enterprise, working in another department, or is away internationally, provided they have the same company account. So, basically, stable communication around the world doesn’t have to be a luxury anymore. 

All in all, this feature immensely helps in enhancing productivity on a massive level, while providing customers to maintain lasting, uninterrupted communication all over the globe, without having to deal with obstacles that many call centers make their customers face.