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Visual Flow Designer

In today’s customer-driven economy, it is essential for every business to have a responsive contact center that can adjust to the evolving needs and expectations of the customers and the business itself. This can happen when your front line administrators are empowered to develop and manage custom flows that are in accordance with the needs of the business. Facetone’s Visual Flow Designer lets you accomplish this goal.

Give Priority to Calls

Not every call is the same; some are just more valuable than others. Facetone can be easily configured to prioritize calls according to the parameters you set. For instance, it takes just a data dip into Salesforce to identify a VIP caller and details of their case, so their call is routed to the most experienced agent by the IVR.

Simplicity and Power Rolled into One

Even the least tech-savvy user will have no problems in taking advantage of visual flow designer to for developing, building, validating and then delivering the most amazing customer journeys.

Take Advantage of Pre-Developed Components

Visual flow designer boasts a rich component library that can be used for designing both complex and simple flows as it offers extensive functionality. There is no need to start from scratch because the components, which include a CRM data dip or incorporating an IVR, serve as the foundation of providing a more enhanced customer service to your audience.

Effective Flow Management

A business continues to evolve and you need to evolve with it, but you don’t want to depend on technical resources for this purpose. Your archived, published and even draft flow versions can be managed effectively with Flow Manager.

With visual flow designer, a business will have no problems in creating routing flows without any technical or coding expertise, thereby offering superior value to all customers.