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Enhanced Caller ID

Get real-time call information like their name and phone number.

Enhanced Caller ID lets you view each caller’s name and phone number in real time before you have even answered the phone. Once you are on the call all the information on previous calls, support requests, emails and notes are available to view on the same interface being used for taking the call. The information being shown is collected from all of your integrated business tools so that you can get a comprehensive view of the caller and your customers experience personalized service.

Customer Data Powerhouse

The tool collects and compiles customer data including call logs, CRM cases, support tickets, chat transcripts and more. All the contact and identification information is also made available for access within the same interface so that you can deal with each customer accordingly.

Always Ready for Every Call

Since you’ll always know who’s calling before you answer the call, you can customize your sales pitch, expedite the support process and get a chance to enhance your relationship with each other.

Experience Increased Efficiency

The tool takes work off your hands and reduces errors by creating a profile for every new caller automatically. Moreover, all the integrated business tools are updated to ensure that all information and especially the contact information is always up to date.

Screen Calls Based on Importance

Enhanced Caller ID lets you know who’s calling before you ever pick the phone. The way this helps you is by letting you decide when to and not to take a call based on who’s calling so that you can focus on other important tasks when you need to.

Increased Professionalism

Add a personal touch and increase professionalism by addressing your callers with their names and even referencing previous interactions. This has the result of promoting and increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.