Feature Guide

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Custom Reporting

In age time of information being key, how you’re able to filter and view the information makes a big difference. You should be able to view the specifics of any information set and broaden its scope on demand whenever you would want to. To aid you with this, our software helps you manage custom reporting whereby you can create filters for your metrics to view data how you may require it. The more fine-tuned the presentation of your analytics is, the more you are able to make out of it. You can view metrics based on different groups as well, separating them to give you a more in-depth detail of specific semantics. By being able to view the metrics you require to make a certain decision, you’re able to improve your productivity and efficiency significantly.

Intuitively Designed Interactive Dashboard

The software’s interface is an intuitively designed dashboard that is impressively easy to operate and maneuver. You will be provided different options with a drop-down menu which will let you filter out any metrics that you do not wish to see at the moment.

Detailed Metrics

By incorporating comprehensive metrics into your software, you’re able to get a better picture of the scenario. You can view multiple metrics with respect to each phone number as well as ring groups and any number of combinations of both. The many comprehensive metrics that you are able to view and analyze are:

  • Inbound calls – the number of answered calls, missed calls, calls directed to voice mail
  • Abandoned calls – the number of calls in the IVR or the waiting queue
  • Calls directed to Voicemail – the number of calls directed to voice in or outside of business hours
  • Wait Time – displayed as a total, average and the longest recorded
  • Average time for abandoned calls
  • Outbound calls – Calls that were answered, unanswered, transferred and initiated by agents