Feature Guide

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Historical Reporting

Monitor your company’s performance so that you can make intelligent business decisions based on comprehensive business data.

The tool’s reporting dashboard lets you view call center metrics from any specified time point. Your team can use this feature to make data-driven decisions based on metrics like call volume, handle time, service level, abandonment time, wait time and more. An important tool like this can help you enhance support quality, team performance as well as the overall performance of your call center.

Detailed and Comprehensive Metrics

The tool displays the following historical metrics among many others so that your team can use this data to be successful:

  • Inbound Call Metrics:Total Calls, Answered Calls, Missed Calls, Abandoned Calls, Voicemails, Completed Calls, Service Level, Wait Time, Average Abandonment Time and Call Duration.
  • Outbound Call Metrics:Total Calls, Missed Calls, Abandoned While Transferring, Total Duration, Average Duration, and Longest Duration.
  • Agent Metrics:Total Calls, Total Duration, Average Speed to Answer, Total Inbound Calls, Answered Calls and Total Outbound Calls.
  • Phone Number Metrics:Total Calls, Service Level, Waiting Queue, Total Wait Time, Average Wait Time, Longest Wait Time, Average Abandonment Time, Answered Calls and Total Duration.

With all this comprehensive data at your hands, you can use it to proactively identify inefficiencies, pinpoint high-performing agents and train a highly skilled workforce.

Browser-Based Reporting

Using our cloud-based call center software you can analyze the performance of individual agents, teams, phone numbers and even your call center from anywhere in the world. All you’ll need will be a computer with an Internet connection so that you can access the reporting dashboard and comprehensive metrics

Gather Insight About Trends

The historical metrics let you gain insight into trends at your call center so that you can make better and more informed decisions that benefit both you and your clients.

Export Data

Export your historical call data to a CSV file and analyze it in external applications. Use this feature to back up your data as well as address your reporting needs.