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Call Queues

More often than not, callers have to wait in queue to talk to an agent. The waiting time alone can be quite irksome if not for the Call Queues feature. The Call Queues feature works to enhance customer experience during that waiting time by providing an array of fruitful alternatives to the banal waiting time. This is done via customization through the intelligent Call Queues. Enabling you to prioritize which calls get answered first, which calls are to be allotted VIP status, which calls are to be call-backed and more. A long range of customizable options is available with the deployment of Call Queues, either oriented towards catering to the agent’s need or based on a unique set of business rules.

When addressing the callers in queue, monitor queue status is an effective option which can help in making effective business decisions. All while enabling timely acknowledgment of the concerns of the callers. Callers with VIP status or status of urgency will be addressed prior to their not as volatile counterparts. Moreover, the overall waiting time for all callers will greatly be reduced, enhancing their quality of experience. Similarly, Voicemail Option provides an alternative to the traditional waiting time. Hence customers who do not wish to wait in the queue are provided with the option to leave a voicemail which will later be addressed by an agent. For the case of Queue Transfers, agents can transfer specific callers to other agents so their concerns can be addressed in a timely manner. Apart from addressing concerns alone, Queue Transfers are also favorable to cater to specific specialized fields which require the attention of better-skilled agents.