Feature Guide

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International Numbers

Facetone offers toll-free and local numbers from countries all around the world. With a local phone number, customers have the opportunity of calling a familiar number at local rates. International numbers can be purchased with a single click and you can start using them right away for expanding your global operations. The International Numbers feature provides a business with the flexibility to operate from any part of the globe without having to move their offices. Facetone gives you the option of porting existing numbers in the system allowing you to scale your team easily.

Expand your Operations

This feature allows customers to call a number at local rates and simultaneously lets your team receive calls wherever convenient for them. International numbers can be routed to wherever your team may be located, which saves you the hassle of opening or moving your offices for expanding your customer base.

Purchase Numbers with a Single Click

Available phone numbers can be searched according to the area code and prefix with the simple Facetone’s interface. You can purchase them in a single click and start using them right away for making and receiving calls. With this feature, you can move to a new location and set up easily and quickly.

Establish Routing Protocols

Facetone gives you the option of setting up routing protocols through which you can route incoming calls from particular regions to specific teams or agents that are equipped with the knowledge and skills for addressing the callers’ needs effectively. You can increase customer satisfaction and improve service quality by ensuring they speak to the agents best suited to help them.

Get Closer to Customers

Customers are more likely to answer the phone when they see a familiar number with a local area code. You can get answers on the first call, which boosts productivity. Number settings can also be customized for different time zones like using unique greetings.