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Custom Permissions

Within any organization, it is important to assign roles and implement a hierarchy. Having team roles contributes to your business by keeping work organized and also distributed based on various factors. A tool to help you assign and manage these roles becomes a real asset. With our software, you are able to assign roles to the members of your team and also configure the behavior of each role. Having different level authorizations as well as giving them access to their respective dashboards which are suited for their needs.

Pre-Defined Roles

You are able to set up any number of roles and customize them to the fullest according to your business logic, however, to save you the time the software comes bundled with certain default roles that you can use right away. These roles are carefully thought out and generalized to meet the needs of every enterprise.

  • Agent – Team members assigned the role of the agent will have access to the Agent Dashboard so that they can carry out their duties. This role features the functionality that is standard to most call center agents, therefore, you won’t need to go through the hassle of setting up one. By assigning the role of Agent to a team member, they are able to view recent calls, contacts, check their voice mails and view analytics via their dashboard interface.
  • Admin – The administrator role provides an advanced set of access controls as well as the ability to monitor a team’s status. The administrator role is able to make and receive calls as well along with manage and configure their team members’ accounts. This role comes with a higher degree of management tools in addition to the standard agent functionalities. The advanced admin features that you get with the Admin dashboard are reporting and admin tabs from which you can view and configure settings for other roles.
  • Supervisor – This role is suited for call center supervisors who are managing teams of agents and keeping track of their progress. The supervisor role is able to view recent calls, contacts as well as view reporting options.

Custom Permissions

Alongside these default roles, you will be given extensive customization options to create and tweak roles according to your enterprise’s needs and logic. The extent of these customizations ranges from giving access to certain information and providing different functionalities to a role’s dashboard interface.