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Contact History

With the help of our software, you’re able to view information pertaining to each call. This information helps you streamline and organize data as well as keep you informed about who is calling you. With this information available to you, you take the call equipped with a sense of readiness and awareness making your interactions more meaningful.

You’re able to view each caller’s name alongside their contact information and call history. The call history lets you view a record of all the previous calls that were made regarding this particular caller, their emails, chats, purchases, and any notes. Your business tools contribute to generating this data so you have an overview of the caller before you engage with them. 

Caller Awareness

When you greet a customer and also reflect upon their previous history, you’re able to engage them more personally and they feel welcomed and treasured. By having access to comprehensive information regarding the client, you don’t have to worry about trivial information or having to ask them redundant questions. This not only speeds things along, but you’re able to solve their problems and address their issues sooner. The customer feels valued and appreciates the interaction.

Contact History

The software has access to your client’s information derived from your business tools and it compiles that information and presents it to you in an organized manner before each call. You’re not only able to view the call logs but also support tickets, CRM cases, transcriptions of their textual conversations with your support and their purchases. With this information available to you in real-time, you can switch your approach and deal with the customer accordingly. Having this software alongside other call center facilities not only expands your workplace capabilities but also leads to a smoother customer support experience as well as internal communication.