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Call Control

Call Control is a feature built to exercise restraints on an ongoing live call. Encompassing options such as mute, blind, hold, transferring and conferencing. This feature enables the concern agents to better addressed the callers needs and requirements by deploying all or either of the options mentioned above. With necessary information about the caller being displayed at the front end, agents can now effectively redirect or voice their concerns with an array of options. For specialized fields, agents are provided with the option to transfer the caller to a representative of the field. Or either add the representative in the ongoing live call via the option of call conferencing. This reduces the waiting time of the caller and streamlines the process of addressing their concerns. Leading to happy and satisfied customers. Call control is a feature which enables companies to reap the benefit of Enterprise-Level Functionality from the comfort of their desktops. All while being spared from purchasing an on-premise call center solution suite.

Moreover, transferring calls can either be done via warm transfers or blind transfers, based on the situation presented. With warm transfers, agents are allotted enough time to brief the next agent about the concerns of the caller, so as for them to be better addressed by the next agent. However, for the case of blind transfers, as the name implies, the next agent to receive the caller does so without being briefed about the concerns of the caller. This feature alone provides instant connectivity with little to no delay. In addition to this, Transfer to Ring Groups is an added offering of the call control feature. Which enables transferring of the caller to either specified agents, external phone numbers or to a group of agents. Hence reducing waiting time for the customer and further streamlining the process of connectivity. This will enable better comprehension of the concerns of the caller, improve customer satisfaction and remove unequal distributions of callers amongst the specified group of agents. Lastly, call control is an extremely beneficial feature for guest collaboration or invites. Enabling the concerned individual to become a part of the conversation with call conferencing upon the request or concerns of the caller.