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Email, Messaging and Chat

Connect with your customers through the digital channel of their choice, regardless of time and location.

All Your Digital Channels Combined Into One Platform

Equip your agents with a powerful tool so that they can handle requests from your customer base spread across multiple channels. Be it email, chat, blogs, forums or even mobile apps, manage interaction with customers and deal with requests from a single and intuitive interface. The best part? Your customers get a unified experience regardless of the interaction channel.

Close Cases Faster and Generate More Revenue

Using the all in one platform your agents will be able to leverage real-time chat communication and increase first contact resolution rates. Closing cases faster mean reduced average cost per case. Thus, not only do you save bucks but also generate revenue by identifying proactive up-sell opportunities and using that in your favor. Your customers benefit from a more personalized experience.

Connect and Engage With Customers On Their Popular Messaging App

Your customer base is spread across a huge variety of messaging apps. SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, LinkedIn, YouTube, Line, Telegram, Twitter Messaging, Viber and so many more, but you can engage with your customers on every single one of these apps and more due to support for 27 apps in total! Want to add a new channel? Easily do so without any IT expertise or help required.