Feature Guide

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Adding Custom Fields

It is important for a company to take care of the customer requirements and meet the standards according to the parameters set by him. Every individual has some unique features known as characteristics. Your customers must be treated accordingly. To carry out this function, Facetone allows you to add custom fields and keep track of all your customer data and create separate profiles of them.

Synchronization of fields :

The customer information syncs with the business tools to generate a relevant result. Your information and data will stay updated through this integration. The calling and conversational information can also be piled up through it. It also helps to adjust the conversation of a customer and modify it to the important data.

Unlimited fields :

Facetone allows an unlimited number of fields to be created to help you keep complete track of your customer information. Because the track record of all your customers must be kept, and Facetone ensures that you do not miss that out. The infinite number of fields can help you develop a total background of your customer to avoid any kind of inconvenience. Hence, you are never short of any important information.

Staying Up-to-date :

Your customer information may undergo some changes. Facetone presents you with the complete allowance to change and update custom fields with varying information. It allows you to edit any existing information so, you do not miss out anything.

Everything from your customer’s occupation, to his tastes, should be kept taken care of. The custom fields feature of Facetone does exactly that for you. Within the profiles, all the important data gets stored through this feature. As a result, your company service quality is enhanced and you meet the standards and requirements of your customers. Conclusively, your company efficiency gets increased by this amazing feature of Facetone.