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Call Disposition Codes and Notes

Call Disposition Codes and Notes enables the creation of summary notes and labeling of inbound and outbound calls. This feature enables the entire team to be aware of the contents of a specific call. With the addition of a comprehensive note elaborating the contents of a call to further enrich the briefing. After the notes and labels have been generated, the system automatically updates the records of the caller with the new information and simultaneously logs the call in the list. To simplify, the Call Disposition Codes and Notes enables anyone to briefly view the contents of the call, the concerns voiced during the duration of the call and the overall outcome achieved. Comprising of information like whether the issue was resolved or is still prevalent can be viewed easily at a single glance. Anomalies like disconnection, failing point of sales and other misconnections can also be collected, recorded and stored for later use. This information then serves as the foundation of future interactions and also provides the basis for rectification, if necessary.

With options such as Custom Call Disposition Codes, disposition codes can be generated and later tracked based on the concerns of the agent. Hence filtering the information received by the caller based on the area of concern. Moreover, on the basis of disposition codes created, the option to Scrub Call Lists allows room for further filtration of the information received. This then provides the basis of either categorizing callers based on disposition codes or on the basis of the information collected from other means. In addition to this, the Disposition Code Metrics permits further standardized categorization based relevant performance metrics, customer demographics and call data. Hence later providing to be the foundation of insight regarding various aspects of the call.