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Our contact center’s SMS CSAT surveys help you collect timely feedback on the effectiveness of your call center and its services to help drive customer satisfaction.

Your Customers Have A Voice. Hear Them Out
Every interaction with every single one of your customers leaves a unique impression. To truly and thoroughly gauge your call center’s performance you will need to look past standard call center KPIs. Things like average wait time, average speed to answer and other such metrics can only tell you half of the story. The other half of it lies in what your customers have to say. Hear them out.

CSAT or customer satisfaction surveys are a surefire way of gauging how happy your customers are with your support efforts. The data collected through these surveys can help you identify problem areas as well as those with high performance.
Traditional CSAT surveys delivered via email or at the end of the phone call aren’t that effective. Our contact center’s SMS CSAT measures your customers’ satisfaction using the channel they are most accustomed with. This results in a higher response rate and more meaningful data.

How It Works

1. Create Your CSAT Question
Customize the question your customers will be receiving at the end of a phone call based on the unique needs of your business.
2. Gather Data
At the end of the call, our contact center tool will automatically send the CSAT question via SMS to the caller.
3. Analyze and React
Using our contact center’s advanced customer analytics, you can assess results and refine and redefine your call center strategies for higher customer satisfaction and better call center performance.