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Automatic Call Distributor (ACD)

Automatic Call Distributor or ACD system words to redirect calls or route them to the concerned person using smart systems such as Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) and Voice Response (IVR). When deployed, the ACD manages to make connections necessary for robust communication. In practice, the information forms the concerning connections based on the information provided and redirects the caller to the concerned agent. This is achieved by matching the requirements posed by the caller with respect to the departments, and agents. The Automatic Call Distributor first filters the caller based on the information provided by him and her and later forms a connection. For the case of a caller opting to avail a promotional offer, upon dialing of those specific digits the system matches the caller with agents’ aficionados in that field. Hence customers are directed to agents competent enough to address their concerns with minimum delay, and errors if at all. This results in faster resolution of the query and higher customer satisfaction. All while streamlining the process.

Similarly, the Automatic Call Distributor offers a VIP filtering feature. This feature enables callers of VIP status to be addressed firstly and promptly without being subjected to the waiting queue. Hence treating the higher status customers in a timely and effective manner. Another feature of Automatic Call Distributor is monitoring and recording of calls being receiving or channeled out. Calls going in or out of the company are recorded and later analyzed to find fixed patterns which in return can help the company better address areas of concern. The monitoring feature comes in handy when call conferences are being undertaken and later serve as the foundation of sound decision making. In addition to this, the Automatic Call Distributor permits automatic callbacks to the concerned customer at the agreed upon time. Enabling the firm to never turn its back on a customer.