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Call Recording

Call Recording is a feature which permits recording, pausing and resuming of a live ongoing call, inbound and outbound alike. Calls are recorded for an array of reasons, one of the dominating reasons being compliance with quality standards. Hence when the call is being addressed, a log of the call is stored in the activity field of the caller. Which can later be analyzed to either get feedback, overview call quality and access whether the concerns of the caller were properly addressed or not. The offering extends in terms of prioritization. Based on pre-defined businesses needs or customer module, call recordings can be prioritized on the basis of callers or their areas of concerns. Moreover, call recording feature is designed to collect information to establish future patterns and find potential areas of concerns, so as to rectify them later on. With the options of pausing and resuming the ongoing call, the supervisor can access the same content from various perspectives and at various times.

Hence providing a comprehensive overview of the call. Similarly, to maintain regular compliance with the established quality standards and code of conduct, call recording features serves as the fundamental tool of analysis. Agents can be recommended to follow the guidelines laid forth by the organization on the basis of calls recorded with specific customers. On a similar note, additions can be made into the guidelines based on the feedback received from the call or calls recorded. In addition to being beneficial, the encryption being offered by this feature ensures maximum compliance with privacy laws and regulations. Therefore, providing the basis of a robust, complaint system which is equally effective.