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Personalized Greetings

You don’t greet your friends the same way as you do your boss, right? The same also applies to customers. When it comes to customers calling your business, impressions are extremely valuable. Remember, you only get one shot at making a first impression and this is where Facetone’s personalized feature can be immensely useful. You can create customized greetings for your customers, which adds a personal touch to their phone support experience. You can greet customers with localized or branded messages that are appropriate to the department, support issues or location.

With Personalized greetings, you can use personal, unique and informative messages for interacting with customers. Pre-recorded greetings can be used or you can also create your own with Facetone. Individual greetings can be created for every single number, every situation such as voicemails, welcome greetings, waiting queue etc., and every IVR prompt. The Personalized Greetings feature ensures that your customers get the correct information, improving their experience.

Stay Professional

The Facetone’s interface makes it easy to create personalized greetings that will please your customers. You can maintain professionalism in your interactions with your existing and potential customers with pre-recorded or even out-of-the-box greetings.

Brand Awareness and Marketing

Personalized greetings can also come in handy for recording messages about any upcoming offerings and promotions. They are an excellent way of communicating special offers and other relevant information while customers are waiting in the queue. You can utilize the dead time for creating brand awareness and marketing your business.

Better Experience

When customers call for doing business with you, nothing says you care about them than a personalized greeting that’s both warm and professional. You can set custom hold music or use the default option for providing a pleasant waiting experience to your callers so they have a positive experience on a whole.