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Outbound Caller ID

Facetone gives you the option of setting an outbound caller ID automatically, depending on the call destination country. Your clients living abroad will receive a call from the local number rather than an international one. Businesses have the option of automating the outbound caller ID feature and this will ensure that your agents call your foreign clients from a local number or you can also select a number manually. With this feature, you will notice an improvement in connection rates as local numbers get a better response and this optimizes your business’s performance.

Manual Outbound Caller ID

If necessary, the best outbound caller ID can be selected manually. The interface enables agents to choose any of the business’s numbers for making the call, which is great for making in-the-moment changes.

Dynamic Outbound Caller ID

You can also customize Facetone’s settings to pick the optimal phone number automatically that will display as your outbound caller ID for increasing callbacks and connection rates. This feature is excellent for expediting connection with your clients and improving the team’s efficiency.

Call from Local Numbers

When you automate settings, Facetone will select your outbound caller ID based on the area code of the recipient. When a customer or a prospect sees a local caller ID instead of a foreign number, they are more likely to answer the phone or call back if they missed the call.

Buy Numbers in a Single Click

The Facetone’s interface allows you to purchase phone numbers from different country codes and areas, depending on your target market. It takes a single click to make your purchase and your team will be equipped with the number they need for reaching out to your customers.

Outbound caller ID can help a business in connecting with customers locally and also spreading operations globally.