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Local Caller ID

Maintaining a local presence no matter where your agents are calling from can have a huge impact on a business’s engagement and pickup rates. This is exactly what the Local Caller ID feature offered by Facetone does as it chooses the best phone number and area code to display on your outbound caller ID. Whether you call a particular region of a country or call from a different location, this dynamic feature empowers a business to present a local presence to customers without putting in additional phone lines. Your connection rates will improve leading to a greater number of closed deals.

Match the Recipient’s Number

When you make calls, Facetone will automatically choose a phone number with the same area and country code as your recipient, depending on the phone numbers you have bought. Recipients are more inclined to answer the phone when they see a familiar number. This boosts engagement rate and also enhances your team’s overall efficiency.

Purchase Phone Numbers with One Click

It takes just one click for you to buy numbers for specific countries or geographic regions. Once you have bought the numbers, they can be used right away. This can save you considerable time and enable you to expand rapidly for meeting the needs of your customers.

Expand all over the World

One of the most notable things about Facetone’s Local Caller ID feature is that it gives you the freedom to buy phone numbers both locally and for any other part of the world. Local Caller ID gives you the power to connect with more customers and this can be immensely helpful in achieving the goals of your business.

With Local Caller ID, you can project a local presence, which helps potential customers in trusting business and gets existing customers to respond to calls.